3 Bicep Building Tips

Like everyone else, I am sure you too long to have sleeve popping biceps. A lot of guys try to get big guns by working out biceps and triceps with greater intensity than most of the other body parts like back and legs.

Here are some great tips that can help you get bigger and stronger biceps:

Seated Incline Dumbbell Drag Curls 

Sit on an incline bench. The catch is you don’t have to sit like you normally do on an incline, rather site on it as if you would do while performing conventional seated curls. Push your arms as far back as they will fo whilst sticking your chest out. From this position “drag” the weight up as you push your elbows back to create an accurate angle at the elbow joint. This movement is likely to isolate your biceps heads with precision and you would love the effects!

Zottman Curls 

Now, this is an old school exercise which isn’t just great for your biceps but is equally effective for building your forearms too. It also a great exercise for skinny guys who have to have powerful wrists.

In a standing position curl up using both arms simultaneously, once you reach the top rotate your wrists so your palms are facing the floor (in a reverse curl position). From here lower the dumbbells back down, and then rotate your wrist again at the bottom before doing the next rep.


Off-Set Dumbbell Curls 

This is one way of making conventional dumbbell curls more advanced. In this exercise, you need to use an off-set grip so that your pinky finger is up against the inside of the dumbbell. This completely changes the weight distribution of the resistance against your bicep. When you curl the weight upwards you’re going to get a lot more feedback through your outer bicep head with this grip.

The coaching tips you’ve received above are very instructional which makes this more mentally intensive.