A Killer Workout for the Lower Abs

Ask anyone which area of muscle they struggle with most and there’s a good chance they’ll say ‘lower abs’. When developing a six-pack, the lower abs are often the hardest to improve, and this is for a number of reasons. For starters, the lower abs are difficult to target precisely because they don’t get used much in the regular sit up or crunch. At the same time though, lower abs are also often hidden under a small layer of flab. This is where our belly fat tends to like to gather, so if you’re carrying a little extra weight then it is highly likely to obscure your lower abs.


Here’s a workout that can help you, but first a little explanation…


No Such Thing As Lower Abs?

Before we begin it’s important to recognize that the rectus abdominals – the slab of muscle that makes your six-pack – is actually just one muscle. There is no separate selection of muscles called the ‘lower abs’ and so it’s almost impossible to completely target that area.


That said, you can train the bottom portion of the rectus abdominals by ensuring you move through the full range of movement or at least the correct range of movement. But that still might not give you your six-pack…


Why? Because you also need to remove the flab and that is going to take CV. Combine this workout with running, cycling or swimming and you’ll help the abs to push through your stomach more while thinning the layer of flab on top.


Watch the Video Below for this Excellent Workout for Lower Abs:

The Workout

30 Hanging Leg Raises

These involve hanging from a pull up bar (which gets a great static contraction going on the biceps and lats), then raising your knees up slightly and twisting them to one side as you do. You’re going to find that you really feel the burn after 30 of these. Take tiny breaks in between and touch the floor with your feet between each move to make sure you are going through the full range of motion.


30 Leg Lifts

Now without taking any time to rest, lie flat on your back, point your feet up at the ceiling, and then push your legs up higher by thrusting the hip and by crunching your stomach. This exercise is great when immediately following the leg raises because it is a very similar movement, but is slightly easier… meaning that it you can drop down to it when already tired and essentially you’ll be doing a ‘drop set’ to go past failure.


40 Rotating Hip Thrusts

The hip thrust involves lying on the floor with your knees bent and feet planted on the ground. Then you ‘thrust’ your hip upwards.


The twisting variety meanwhile involves holding the top position and then turning your body from side to side. This works the obliques which are either side of the ab, while at the same time keeping a static hold on the lower abs.


Oh yeah… and then repeat the whole thing three times…


Tip: don’t do this straight after a big dinner.


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