A Mass Building Back and Bicep Workout

Two of the muscle groups you can build to really look massive are the back and the biceps. When you really build up your back, it can make you look like a hulking monster: huge lats make it hard to fit through doorways, while massive traps make you look like some kind of creature from an old B-movie.


Meanwhile, massive biceps are one of the only muscles you can show off 24-7. People can’t fail to notice your biceps straining your shirt sleeves and it’s a great indicator of the size that lies beneath.


So with that in mind, this is a workout from WeightGainMethod, designed specifically to trigger growth in those areas. If you’re looking to pack on size and take up more space, then add this to your routine!




The Workout

Wide Grip Pull-Ups Superset With a Static Upper Back Hold

Start with a wide grip pull-ups to really focus on the lats. The wider your arms are apart, the more you’ll hit the lats and this is especially effective when compared with an over hand grip. The lats are your ‘wings’ so this is far more likely to give you wings than Red Bull!


This is going to be superset with a static hold. So when you can’t perform any more, or when you’ve performed 10 reps, you’re just going to hold yourself in this static position just below the bar. This is a great move because it forces you to push past failure with your pull ups and fills the lats with more blood and metabolites to stimulate growth.


Chin-Ups Superset With Bicep Isometric Hold

Now you’re going to do the exact same thing, except with an underhand grip. That means you’re doing chin ups with your arms closer together, to really hit the biceps. Try to feel the biceps as you go through the movements and make it into a bicep curl. Then hold. Then repeat. At this point you’ll really start feeling the burn!


Medium Grip Static Hold

Now we’re just going to hang for a while. Except this isn’t quite as relaxed as the term ‘hang’ normally implies (this is closer to the kind of hanging they used in Western’s). Just hang from the bar and try to stay there for 30 seconds. If that’s too easy, aim for a minute.


Wide Grip Pull Ups With Eccentric Focus

Finally, you’re ending back on those wide grip pull ups. There’s going to be an eccentric focus here though, which means you’ll explode upwards (the concentric portion of the move) and then very slowly lower yourself down. The eccentric portion of the movement is stronger than the concentric, so even at the end when you’re tired you should be able to put up a good fight and get even more work out of those guns. And when you do, you’ll almost be able to feel the microtears forming. You can even go past failure by jumping up to reach the bar and then lowering yourself very slowly.


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