A Workout for Developing a V-Shaped Back

One of the most desirable aspects of any physique is the ‘V shape’ across the back. This essentially means building wide lats and shoulders and a narrow waist. Want to get that for yourself? Use the following three moves in your next back workout and it can be yours…


Watch the Video Below to See Mike Chang Complete this Back Workout


T-Bars are great for developing thickness in your back so that it protrudes outwards like a Turtle. This works the rhomboids which are at the back of the traps.


To perform this exercise at home or in the gym without T-Bars, you just need a barbell with weight on one side and the other end pushed into the corner of the room or held by a gym partner.


Now you’re going to grab the top of the weight and pull it directly upwards in a rowing movement. To make it easier to hold onto the bar and to increase your range of motion, wrap a towel around the end and hold onto that.



Next up is the deadlift. This is a fantastic move for the entire body (particularly the legs), but it will also nicely strengthen your lower back.


You need to be very careful when using the deadlift so form is crucial. Place the bar bell right in front of you on the ground, then squat down to grab it with both hands. At this point your knees should be over the bar and you should be leaning forward although there should be no bend in your spine (imagine you have a stick down the back of your shirt, and your goal is not to bend or break that stick).


Now you’re going to bring your hips forward and straighten your knees, pushing up through your feet in order to stand up completely straight. This should feel similar to a squat then, but with the load of the weight in a different place. Start with a light weight until you’re confident with the technique and make sure you stretch and warm up properly.


Pull Overs

Finally, grab one dumbbell with both hands, lie on a bench and then lift the weights and let it hang behind you over the edge above your head. From there you’re then going to pull the dumbbell back above you to the center. You should feel a stretch on your lats which is how you know you’re doing it correctly and targeting the right muscles.


The lats by the way are the muscles that make up the middle of your back and that you can see protruding underneath your arms by your armpits. If you spread these, you look like a cobra.


Extra Tips

This will help to build a powerful back, but if you want to really create that silhouette like Frank Zane, then you need to make sure you also burn fat. This will help you to keep your waist thin, thus creating the diagonal lines from your waist up to your armpits and across your back. Likewise you also need to build big wide shoulders and add on lots of side deltoid so your wide in all the right places and narrow in all the rest.


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