An Insane Arm Workout That Challenges You to Lift 16 Tons!

You know how every workout is ‘crazy’ and ‘insane’? And you know how you then read the workout and find that it’s just the usual stuff… you know bicep curls followed by some pull ups.


Crazy right!


Well, this workout really is crazy. It comes from the clearly insane Jeff Cavaliere, who is always very reliable, and it involves shifting a total of 16 tons.

How it Works

Of course there’s a little bit of a caveat here, which is that you’re not going to be lifting all 16 tons at once…


Instead, this is 16 tons shifted over the course of your routine. There are six heavy arm exercises utilized here which are:

  • Barbell curls x 3 sets
  • Close grip bench press x 3 sets
  • Weighted bicep chin ups x 3 sets
  • Weighted upright dips x 3 sets
  • Barbell drag curls x 3 sets
  • Lying tricep extensions x 3 sets


But when you do this workout, you’re going to be using Jeff’s smart technique in order to monitor the amount of mechanical stress you’re placing on the arm muscles. This way you can much more accurately gauge your progress and precisely how hard you’ve worked.


When you perform the routine, you’re going to move quickly and alternate between arm exercises until the whole thing is done. It should take you about 30 minutes or under in total, which means you’re not going to be wasting time on Facebook!


Now to make it harder, you can either lift the same amount of weight but finish in a shorter amount of time or you can end in the same amount of time and make sure that the total poundage at the end of the routine is greater.


So what are we talking about when we say ‘total poundage’?


Simple! We’re multiplying the amount of weight by the amount of repetitions and the amount of sets.


So Jeff did his barbell curls with 135lbs and he performed eight reps for three sets. That is 3,240 lbs!

For the bench press, he performs 446lbs for three sets and using 8 reps again. That’s 5,352lbs.

Next up are the bicep chin ups with 90lbs on top of his 170lbs. For 12/10/8 reps that 7,800lbs.

Next, weighted upright dips using 260lbs. That’s 170lbs + 90lbs x 12/10/8 reps for another 7,800lbs (weird).

Drag curls are performed with 135lbs for 12 reps x 3. That’s 4,860lbs.

Finally, 115lb x 10 reps x 3 sets on the lying tricep extensions and that’s 3,450lbs.

In total that’s 32,502lbs and it took Jeff 30 minutes and 22 seconds.


Try doing this with your own workouts – calculate how much you’re lifting in total and you’ll find it’s a fun way to measure your progress. Moreover, it ensures you’re always increasing the challenge and always growing and improving.


Of course it’s not a perfect science. This doesn’t take into account things like the angle and the length of the ‘lever arm’ owing to different techniques. But it’s good enough to offer a fun and challenging way to monitor your gains. Try it!


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