Anadrol Cycle for Gaining Lean Muscle


Anadrol is one of the most popularly used anabolic steroids in the bodybuilding community, next only to Dianabol. Its capacity to build lean muscle and boost strength is well-known, as it is also used to treat the wasting syndrome caused by HIV infection. But its side effects are notorious as well.

The Benefits of Anadrol

Despite the fact that it’s a controlled substance in the US and that its use is prohibited by sporting bodies all over the world, many bodybuilders and athletes persist in using it for their bulking cycles. Not even the side effects can deter them.

Anadrol increases lean tissue mass, and it does so quite rapidly. It improves athletic performance because strength is boosted significantly.

The Side Effects of Anadrol

Perhaps the most obvious drawback to Anadrol use is that it is extremely toxic to the liver. Some users have even been diagnosed with potentially fatal liver tumors (peliosis hepatitis). Because of this, it is highly recommended that its use in the bulking cycle should be limited to 4 to 6 weeks at a time. After that, the same period of time should be reserved abstaining from Anadrol or other substances stressful for the liver.

Anadrol also suppresses the body’s natural testosterone production. It also reduces the level of good cholesterol while increases the level of bad cholesterol. These changes dramatically increase the risk of arteriosclerosis.

Its estrogenic side effects include water retention or bloating, a possible gain or retention of fat, and gynecomastia (man-boobs). Its androgenic side effects are increased sebum secretion that leads to oily skin and severe acne, exaggerated facial and body hair growth, and potentially triggering male pattern baldness for men who have the gene.

Guidelines for Anadrol Use

Anadrol is best used in the bulking cycle, and many have found it effective in kick-starting this phase. Anadrol use in the US is prohibited, so some important guidelines must be considered if you are contemplating its use:

  • You have to make sure that your liver is in good enough condition to take the stress.
  • You have to limit its use to 4 to six weeks at the most.
  • Don’t take any other substance that will also stress out your liver.
  • Anadrol is not meant to be used solo. Testosterone supplements are usually part of the stack. Also, many users have discovered that dramatic improvements are common when Anadrol is used with trenbolone or Anavar.

Alternatives to Anadrol

Anadrol was introduced back in the 1960s, and at first it was used to treat anemia and osteoporosis. Eventually, its use was discontinued when more effective treatments were discovered that did not result in side effects like Anadrol did.

The same can be said of its ability to rapidly build lean muscle. Now there are alternatives that can provide the same benefits, while causing none of the side effects.

These potential alternatives include A-Anolone from Crazy Mass. This supplement increases lean muscle and boosts strength, but because it has no side effects it is completely safe and totally legal.

A-Anolone is an immensely powerful muscle gainer and has been getting awesome user reviews. It can be stacked well with other legal steroids for faster and better results. Crazy Stack is one of the popular as well as powerful stacks that consists of A-Anolone and 5 other legal steroids and can help with quick bulking with zero side effects.