Anavar Cycle for Cutting

When bodybuilders aim to build muscle, they usually go through two different cycles. One is the bulking cycle, when they gain weight. The weight may be due to both muscle and fat. During the cutting cycle, they get rid of the fat or even the excess water so that only the lean muscle remains.


Bodybuilders employ the usual methods of proper diet and exercise for both the bulking and cutting cycles. But often these methods are supplemented by supplements to make them more effective. For some bodybuilders, anabolic steroids are their supplements of choice. And for cutting, some believe that no other steroids work quite as well as Anavar.


Benefits of Anavar

There are several reasons why people use Anavar. Usually, its use is reserved for the cutting cycle.

  • It greatly improves vascularity, and this enables more nourishment for the muscles that promote muscle development.
  • It also has anabolic properties that great enhance muscle size and strength. It makes muscles harder and denser. This not only helps you get the body you want for the beach, but it also boosts your strength so that your weight lifting workouts are much more efficient.
  • During the cutting cycle when you’re trying to cut down on your calories, Anavar targets visceral and subcutaneous fat and burns them off. But it lays off lean muscle so they’re preserved.


Anvarol instead of Anavar

Proponents of Anavar use like to say that it is one of the mildest steroids around. That’s why its side effects are not as severe as those caused by other steroids.


Its effect on the liver, for example, is surprisingly mild. Among oral steroids available today, its toxicity is probably the mildest. Most men can tolerate as dosages of up to 80 mgs a day. In addition, other side effects commonly found in the use of other steroids aren’t normally found when Anavar is used. It’s even used by female bodybuilders.


Nonetheless, there are still side effects especially with prolonged use. Some people react differently to Anavar, and sometimes a dosage that’s “safe” for some will be dangerous for others.
And that’s why Anvarol should be taken in lieu of Anavar. With Anvarol, you get all the benefits of Anavar without exception. At the same time, it does not have any side effects at all. It’s completely safe for everyone.


What’s more, it’s also quite affordable compared to Anavar. Anvarol  costs only $55 for sixty tablets of 35mg each. Anavar can cost up to $1 for each 10mg tablet.


Finally, you can buy Anvarol safely and legally. You can’t say the same for Anavar. Anavar is illegal, and buying it on the black market can be really dangerous. You won’t know if what you’re taking is really Anavar. And even if it is, if you’re caught by an athletic governing body you may be disqualified, suspended, or banned from your league.