Chest Workout – Derek Charlebois ‘Pec-Tacular’ Workout

Derek Charlebois knows a good pun when he sees one, but he’s also pretty reliable when it comes to training advice. Not only does he just so happen to be jacked like mad, but he also has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and is a certified personal trainer. Oh, and he’s also a competitive bodybuilder.


In short then, he has all the expertise he needs to know precisely how to build massive chest muscles and that’s precisely what he does with his ‘pec-tacular’ workout. This routine utilizes free weights and resistance bands for maximum benefit…


Exercise 1
Bench Press

Derek starts his pec workout with seven sets of three reps and suggests using two minute rests in between. This type of training will allow you to maximize your lifts while avoiding any risk of injury. He advises that you always make sure to control the negative (downward) portion of the movement and to ‘explode’ upwards on the positive (upwards) portion. Increase the weight as you go until you reach your 3-rep maximum.


Exercise 2
Reverse Band Bench press

For exercise two, you’re going to be performing bench presses in the squat rack – that’s right, you’re going to get some dirty looks. This is going to allow you to attach the bands to the top of the squat rack. This will mean that the band stretches as you bring the weight downward, meaning that the weight feels heavier at the lowest portion of the movement. This means you can max out the top portion of the movement, increasing your ‘lock out strength’ while avoiding getting stuck. Use four or five weights.


Exercise 3
Incline Dumbbell Press

Incline dumbbell press involves simply lying on an incline press so your chest is slightly higher and then pressing dumbbells. The incline means the exercise will involve your upper chest more as well as your shoulders. Meanwhile, the use of dumbbells will ensure that you’re using both sides of your body evenly. Use 6-10 reps and three working sets with one warm-up set.


Exercise 4
Decline Hammer Strength Press

Finally, you’re going to perform eight reps of decline hammer strength press for one warm up set and one working set. Again you’re going to need your bands and a light weight.


Find a chest press machine and then attach your bands, this time to the back of the machine or the bottom. This time then, the bands are going to have the opposite effect – they’re going to get tighter as you push further out. This has the same end result though – meaning that the end of the movement is going to be harder than the start thereby allowing you to increase the amount of weight in just that portion of the movement.


And there you have it – a rather unique workout that incorporates free weights, machines and bands into one monstrous pec assault. Try using bands in other creative ways and you’ll find they can add a whole new dimension to your training!