What is Dianabol Used For?

Since the 1960s when it was introduced as a health and training supplement, Dianabol has become one of the most popular and most used anabolic steroids in the bodybuilding community. Dianabol was the trade name used by the manufacturer Ciba, and its generic name is methandrostenolone.

Dianabol has long proven that it can cause some very serious side effects, ranging from severe acne to elevated blood pressure and liver damage. Because of these side effects, in the US it is considered a controlled substance much like amphetamines.

Legal Uses of Dianabol

Theoretically, Dianabol can be used to treat some very serious medical conditions. These include pituitary dwarfism, thyrotoxicosis, and chronic adrenocortical insufficiency. Other conditions which can be treated by Dianabol are steroidal diabetes, diabetic angiopathies (nephropathy and retinopathy), and interstitial-pituitary insufficiency. Recent research has also revealed that Dianabol causes laryngeal tumor cells to be more susceptible to radiotherapy.

However, Ciba has already ceased manufacturing Dianabol. Other treatments have since been found for these conditions. These new treatments are more effective and have fewer and less severe side effects.

Bodybuilding Uses of Dianabol

Today, the use of Dianabol is almost exclusively limited to the bodybuilding community. Despite the many risks involved, many users still take Dianabol even though it causes serious side effects and its use has been banned by all sporting organization bodies and by the US government.

Bodybuilders take Dianabol for several purposes:

  • Bodybuilders use it to boost weight gain and muscle development. In bodybuilding circles, its use is common during the bulking cycle. This is the phase in which weight gain and muscle development are the main objectives.
  • Dianabol increases strength, and taking it means that the user can lift heavier weighs that can result in greater and faster muscle development.
  • It also increases stamina dramatically. This means that bodybuilders can lift weights in the gym for a longer period of time. This also promotes a more effective muscle development.
  • Many bodybuilders also use it to boost the effectiveness of other anabolic steroids when used in a stack.

A Better Alternative to Dianabol

Just as medical advancements have caused Dianabol to be replaced as a medical treatment for some very serious medical conditions, advancements in supplement research has also resulted in much better alternatives for Dianabol in bodybuilding.

The most noted alternative for Dianabol today is D-ANAOXN. Created by noted manufacturer Crazy Mass, the new non-steroid alternative has proven just as effective in bodybuilding as its anabolic steroid counterpart. Essentially, it provides all the benefits of Dianabol when it comes to bodybuilding benefits.

At the same time, the main difference is that with the alternative D-ANAOXN, none of the side effects of the anabolic steroid occurs. It has no side effects at all. It is totally safe, and for that reason there is no need for a prescription for its use. It is in fact completely legal.

The creation of such an alternative signals the eventual end of the use of the anabolic steroid Dianabol for any reason whatsoever.

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