Five Exercises to Build Bigger Arms

What does it take to get bigger arms?


Well, according to Weight Gain Network (or Weight Gain, the answer is just five exercises. As is so often the case with this channel, this workout is focussing on mixing up the tempo and combining plyometric, isometric and very slow movements into a single program. The great thing about that is that it lets you challenge the fast twitch muscle fibers as well as the slow twitch, as well as utilizing different forms of hypertrophy and strength training.


And when you try it, you’ll also find it’s a great way to ensure you get a massive burn from your training. In a way it can serve as a very effective type of drop set – as once you can’t do any more explosive moves you can move straight onto slow ones.


Here’s a routine that focusses on arms, using this philosophy:




Eccentric Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups

Wide grip pull ups target the lats as well as the biceps. When you add some additional weight and then focus on the eccentric (lowering) portion of the move, you can turn it into an excellent strategy for increasing your microtears and triggering more growth.


Reverse Grip Barbell Row

Another one that works both the biceps and the lats, which is a sensible one to follow up with. Compound exercises are surprisingly effective at causing growth even in isolated areas, and you should really include some compound moves in every one of your workouts. This will ensure you’re producing enough testosterone and growth hormone to really stimulate those gainz!


Across the Body Dumbbell Curl

This is an interesting variation on the dumbbell curl you may not be familiar with. So what you’re going to do is stand in the normal curling position (with hammer grip) and then curl up towards your shoulder. This means you’re twisting the shoulders inward, so that you can bring the dumbbell up infront of you and closer to your body. It feels surprisingly more comfortable and is just as effective while also subtly altering the focus of the movement.


Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curl

A reverse grip curl is another great way to switch the focus and train the bicep from different angles. As it happens, it’s also great for increasing forearm strength and endurance. This means a stronger grip which translates to better performance on all your moves.


Dumbbell Tricep Kick Back

Finally, you’ll be performing some tricep kickbacks. Remember, your arms aren’t just biceps! The kickback is a pretty standard move for the triceps that you can add to the end of a bicep workout, just to make sure you’re hitting the antagonistic muscles there as well.


Combine these five moves and you’ve got a great workout that will attack the biceps from different angles and at different speeds. And if you use their normal technique of throwing in some isometric holds as well, then you’ll see even faster gains in strength as well!


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