Get a Superman Chest With This Insane Workout

If you want a chest like Superman then you need to isolate your chests with exercises that directly target the pecs. The bench press is a fantastic exercise and one of the favourites for adding size and triggering a hormonal response.


Unfortunately though bench press alone isn’t going to build a huge chest because it’s a compound movement. That means it uses a lot of different muscles, and it means that not all the pressure is on your chest.


This workout provides a solution to that problem by using a smart form of supersets.

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The Rules

For each of these exercises you will be doing a superset. That means you’ll be doing back-to-back exercises with no pause in between, but instead of switching up the move, you’re instead going to be switching between variations of the same move. For the first set you’ll use a narrow grip, and for the second you’ll be using a wider grip version of the same exercise with a greater range of motion.


The Moves

Bench Press/Bench Press Wide Grip

To start you’re going to use the bench press with ‘regular form’. Perform about eight repetitions then switch immediately to a wider grip version of the same move. This way you’ll be training the pecs from different angles within a single workout and that will help you to develop better definition and roundness in your chest.


Incline Dumbbell Press/Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Incline dumbbell press involves sitting slightly more upright on an incline bench press and then performing flies. The pecs actually have a split down the middle separating the top and bottom, so it’s important to make sure you train both halves. Anything on an incline bench will do that by helping you to hit the upper portion (and also involving the shoulders). Then you will move straight into dumbbell flies, which will right away ensure you are training the pecs right to the very edges and tearing all of the micro tears.


Cable Flyes/Cable Flyes With Straight Arms

Finally you’re going to end with cable flyes. This is an exercise that already has a very wide range of motion, but for the second set you’ll be aiming for ‘EROM’. That basically means ‘extreme range of motion’. This means you’re going back farther than you ever would do normally and thus recruiting even more of the muscle fibres.


To accomplish this you’re going to train with straight arms while dropping down the weight a little. This will allow you to get a stretch on at the same time as working the muscles.


And if you thought that was difficult, now comes the bad news… you’re going to be using each superset three times for a total of eighteen sets total. This will not only get a huge burn going in your muscles, but it will also ensure you’re absolutely finishing off every last inch of your chest for truly rounded development and a complete Superman look. All that’s missing is the big S!


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