HGH Pros and Cons

HGH is human growth hormone. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and stimulates the healing and repair of tissue throughout the body in order to increase muscle mass and reverse injury. HGH is commonly used by bodybuilders and other athletes in order to gain a competitive advantage due to these reasons, but unfortunately carries a number of unwanted side effects and risk factors.

Boost-TestosteroneIn this post, we will examine the side effects of HGH and weigh them up against the benefits. That way, we can ascertain whether this is a good option for most people, or whether you would do well to avoid using it entirely.

HGH Pros

  • HGH increases muscle mass because it encourages the growth of new cells and tissue. This stimulates protein synthesis and the formation of more myonuclei (muscle nerve centers) from the pools of satellite cells that surround the muscle tissue. In short, it results in massive muscle gain and especially in older individuals whose levels of HGH decrease with age.
  • At the same time, HGH helps to raise the metabolism due to its anabolic properties. This helps to burn fat and results in leaner and more defined looking muscle tone. It adds the muscle and then it chips away the fat to reveal it more clearly.
  • HGH is also highly effective at increasing strength in the gym for these reasons and accelerates recovery after a workout so that you can get back in there again and work harder, sooner.
  • HGH will additionally increase tissue development, growth, and anabolism in other areas. For instance, it will repair bones and thicken and strengthen them, especially as the individual ages. This can prevent injury.
  • HGH also helps to rejuvenate cells, physically making the individual look younger. It has therefore been described as a fountain of youth by some people.

HGH Cons

HGH also carries many unwanted risk factors and side effects, however.

  • For one, HGH can increase the size of the heart and thereby greaten the risk of heart attack of high blood pressure. HGH also increase cholesterol, making it overall a serious heart risk.
  • On top of this, HGH can actually lead to facial deformity. That’s because it stimulates additional growth in the parts of the face that don’t stop growing with age. These include the ears, the nose and the jaw resulting in a very distinctive ‘HGH face’.
  • There is also the HGH gut. This happens because HGH can increase water retention, thereby leading to the appearance of a distended stomach.
  • On top of all that, HGH is illegal unless prescribed. That means that if you are taking it, you are relying on the good nature of an unknown illegal drug source – probably online.


For all these reasons, it is much wiser to avoid HGH use entirely and to instead look to alternatives. One such alternative is to use Somatropinne HGH, which is a product from a company called HGH.com. This is a safe, natural and legal supplement that can raise the levels of natural HGH production. It offers all the advantages with none of the risk.

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