How to Increase Vascularity

If you want to look as insanely ripped as possible, then it’s not enough to just focus on building big muscle and lowering fat. For a really crazy look you’ll also want your veins to pop so that you look like a shredded beast. That’s what makes Hugh Jackman or Sylvester Stallone’s physique look so insane in the new X-Men movie and it can go a long way to helping you show off your gains and turn even more heads. Without any meanwhile, you risk looking like your muscles were implanted. Want to look like a Ken Doll? Fine, no need to veins. Want to look like a badass action hero? Then you need the veins.


But how exactly do you get those veins to show? Read on and we’ll take a look at some of the best strategies you can use.


Lower Your Body Fat

The single most important factor when it comes to getting that awesome veiny look, is to lower your body fat. The less body fat you are carrying, the less there will be underneath your skin on top of your veins. Ultimately, if you can cut down your fat, then you’ll be bringing the veins closer to the surface and of course this is also how you get your muscle definition on show as well.


How do you lose weight? Well that’s a whole article in itself but the basic gist is to:

  • Maintain a calorie deficit
  • Eat nutrient rich foods that don’t spike blood sugar
  • Combine both HIIT and steady state cardio for maximum effect


Add Muscle

After you’ve reduced the amount of fatty flesh sitting on top of your veins, you now want to ‘push’ them outwards towards the surface even more. This is where building impressive muscle comes in which essentially forces the veins outwards and up through the skin.


And there’s a secondary effect that will go on here too: the more you build big muscle, the more nutrients and oxygen those muscles will need in order to survive. Ultimately, this means your veins will have to get bigger as they carry more blood to your limbs and torso.


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Use Vasodilators

A vasodilator is anything that causes the veins to widen. You can trigger this effect by using supplements designed specifically as vasodilators (like NO2) or also by consuming the right food in your diet. Nitric oxide can also be obtained through your diet. Simply consuming vitamin C + garlic will increase nitric oxide levels in your body by 200%. Consume these two before a workout for an amazingly effective pre-workout that’s a fraction of the price of most overpriced products.


Get Older

There’s another reason why Stallone’s veins look as incredible as they do… and that’s that he’s old. The thickness of your skin is largely genetic and there’s very little you can do to change that. Fortunately though, as you get older your skin gets thinner and this results in better definition for the muscles and the veins. So there are advantages to getting older as a bodybuilder!


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