Kris Gethin’s Hardcore Leg Workout

We’ve already seen Kris Gethin’s hardcore back and chest workout which we saw incorporated a hugely intense superset of the same two exercises for nine repetitions each. The workout was highly simple, but therein lay it’s beauty – allowing him to really hit the weights hard and maximize his effort and his growth. But how about his legs?


As he prepares for competition, this is the workout that Kris does for his legs not long before day itself. This is a highly anabolic workout then that should help you to pack on the muscle mass and strip away fat just before your training.


For Kris, leg day begins with some cardio which helps him to start his blood pumping, get his legs working and burn some calories. Remember, he uses this workout close to the competition so he’s looking to strip away any excess fat at this point. He also recommends you drop creatine from your diet if you’re training for competition and the event is approaching – this will help you to avoid retaining any water that might contribute to a ‘bloated’ look.


Superset 1:
Leg Extensions
Seated Leg Curls

Kris is once again using a very simple workout, consisting of just three exercises. To reiterate, this is how his ‘dramatic training principle’ or DTP works, allowing for very rapid workouts with minimal confusion and maximum effort.


For this superset you will be performing ten sets of fifty-ten repetitions on each exercise. Those are pyramid sets in case you hadn’t noticed – increasing the weight as you decrease the amount of repetitions. This allows you to warm up before you challenge yourself with your maximum loads and then lets you squeeze out any extra effort you have left at the end. It will also ensure you target both your fast and slow twitch muscle fibers for maximum hypertrophy. This also means there will be two working sets at your maximum weight.


Best of all? Because it’s a superset and there’s no messing around with different equipment, you can absolutely reduce rest time to next to nothing. This will greatly increase your intensity as well as ensuring you get in and out of the gym in no time. It’s just an insanely anabolic way to train.


Standing Lunges

As though that wasn’t enough, you’ll be finishing with standing lunges. These are fantastic compound exercises like the squats that will get your already exhausted leg muscles to work together. They also let you get the calves involved just a little, which won’t have been hit by the leg extensions or hamstring curls. Don’t forget those calves on another day as well though.


While Kris is a pretty big guy, he’ll be using just bodyweight at this point to go easy on the knees and because that’s all you’ll need after everything that came before.


This is an intense workout that’s guaranteed to build massive strength. Be warned though, even Kris has been known to throw up during this training so it really is an advanced type of training meant for competitive bodybuilders nearing competition – it’s not for beginners by any stretch of the imagination!