How to Make Sperm Thick – Ejaculate More and Thicker Semen Naturally

Well, as a matter of fact, you cannot make your sperm thicker. You cannot even see it with your naked eye. But yes, it’s possible to make your semen thicker. Most men actually refer to their semen thickness when they talk about making sperm thicker.

thicker sperm


Want to increase your semen volume?

Increasing semen volume is a great way to boost your fertility and orgasmic pleasure. Not just this, it’s a great way to impress your woman too. A lot of women consider more semen to be gross or messy, but deep down they regard more semen to be a symbol of your male sexual prowess.

Why most men desire a larger load of ejaculate is because it can help increase pleasure manifold on ejaculation. The logic here is very simple…

Your body makes stronger contractions to expel this excess fluid and these contractions help multiply pleasure. Above all, there’s no harm in trying to boost your semen production.

How to make Thicker Sperm?

Your semen is a clear index of your sexual or rather reproductive health. Like all other body fluids and secretions, your semen is also affected by your diet. Thicker semen is always better in terms of fertility ad virility as compared to thin or watery semen. Here it’s important to keep in mind that most women find a larger volume of thicker semen to be visually stimulating. They tend to measure your manhood and sexual prowess with the volume and consistency of your ejaculate.

how to increase sperm volume

Top 7 Ways To Increase Semen Volume Naturally

Having a larger amount of ejaculate pass through the penis during an orgasm can prolong coitus (orgasm experience), the pumping sensation of an orgasm, of the semen and ejaculate fluids being pushed out through the ejaculatory ducts.

Thus, your aim should be to try and enhance your semen production. Now, this is not as difficult as you think. As a matter of fact, some little changes in your diet and lifestyle can be a big help in multiplying your semen production manifold. Some of such ways are listed below:

1. Dietary Changes

All your body secretions depend upon your diet and it’s no different when it comes to your semen. Your semen is composed of a combo of various proteins, vitamins, minerals and body fluids. Certain foods such as oysters, pumpkins and sunflower seeds are proven to boost semen production in men. Celery is another great option to consider. It not only increases semen production but also contains male hormone androsterone. When consumed raw, this androsterone helps boost secretion of pheromones that makes you more attractive and irresistible to your woman.

Another excellent food is green barley, which is a young shoot of the barley plant. It is highly rich in nutrients and can help enhance semen production in your body.

Zinc-rich foods are also a must if you want to boost the production of your seminal fluid. Such foods are great for enhancing testosterone, which is the hormone that controls semen production in your body apart from regulating your libido and erection hardness. You would be amazed to know that 70% of zinc in your body is actually present in your semen. Thus, you lose it every time you ejaculate. Hence, it’s utmost important to replenish it with foods that are rich in this mineral.

Foods that are abundantly rich in zinc include beef, lamb, oysters, dairy products, wheat germ, spinach, pumpkin and squash seeds, nuts (cashews), poultry. mushrooms etc.,

2. Include EFA’s in your Diet and have Plenty of Water

Yet another important thing to consider is to increase your intake of essential fatty acids. All anabolic steroids including testosterone are produced with cholesterol and such fats are a great source of increasing good cholesterol in your body. By enhancing testosterone such fats can help you produce more semen. Olives, olive oil, fish salmon, sardines etc., are some great sources of such fat that you must include in your diet.

At the same time, it’s important to keep your body well hydrated. Almost 70% of your body is water and lack of it can affect all your body secretions, including semen. You must drink plenty of water through the day to ensure increased semen volume. Rule of the thumb is that you must not wait till you feel thirsty. Drink at least 8-10 full glasses of water in a day and try to supplement it with pineapple juice, which again, is a proven semen enhancer.

3. Abstain from Sex for a Few Days

Your body can produce only this much of semen and it needs time to replenish its reserves. As you get older, it takes longer and longer for your body to be able to produce a set volume of semen since your testosterone levels begin declining. Give your body a little rest in between two ejaculations. Having a break of 2-3 days in between two sex sessions can do the trick.

4. Say No to Smoking

Tobacco and your semen health and volume do not really gel together. Cigarettes not only consists of tobacco but also a lot of other toxins that can reduce blood flow to the testicles. Reduced blood flow means a drastic cut in essential minerals and nutrients that your testes need to produce testosterone and semen. The result is low semen volume. So, the next time you light a cigarette, remember that it’s going to hurt your balls unlike any other thing.

5. Workout Regularly

A regular gym workout is great for boosting testosterone – the hormone that is responsible for producing sperm and semen in your body. Exercises that involve a group of muscles are great for enhancing testosterone. Presses and pull ups are the best examples of these exercises. However, nothing can beat squats when it comes to testosterone boosting exercises.

In addition to this, lower body exercises help increase blood flow to the genitals. This increases supply of oxygenated blood brings with it a rich supply of minerals, vitamins and other minerals that your testicles need to produce semen.

6. Do Not Take Stress

Stress is one major emotional factor that can wreak havoc on all your body faculties and system. It’s no different when it comes to your reproductive system. Stress can increase hormone Cortisol in the bloodstream which inhibits testosterone production. A drop in your testosterone levels leads to plunging semen volume and sperm count. Not just this, it can also kill your sexual appetite and also lead to erectile difficulties. One of the best ways to beat stress is with yoga. Some other methods include deep breathing exercises, tai chi etc. Exercise is also a great stress buster.

7. Natural or Herbal Supplements

Finally, it’s a great idea to use a natural or herbal semen enhancer. It becomes important to use one because your lifestyle does not permit you to stick to a diet that can actually help boost your semen production. Semen pills and supplements have become quite a hit with men seeking sexual enhancement.


Here are some things to avoid if you want to produce larger loads of thicker semen:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Don’t stress – just to relax and cut down on stress
  • Don’t overtrain – limit your workout to 45-60 minutes a session, over than that increases stress and lowers testosterone
  • Don’t go for a hot bath or a sauna bath – keep your balls cool
  • Don’t keep your laptop in your lap – avoid overheating of your testicles

How To Do A Kegel?

Try to stop urine midstream. The muscle that you use to do so is called the PC muscle. Once you have located this muscle squeeze is tight for 3 seconds and then rest for another 3 seconds before squeezing it again. Start by doing 10-15 reps and gradually increase the frequency as well as the squeezing duration to 10 seconds per rep.

Within a few weeks you should be able to find a massive difference in the strength of your PC muscle. A stronger PC muscle can help you delay and control your ejaculations too. As a matter of fact, it happens to be one of the best ways to control premature ejaculation.


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