Seven Ways to Gain Muscle Quickly

Looking for Ways to Bulk Up Fast?

Before I provide you a review of one of the best bulking stacks that can help you gain muscle quickly, here are some of the most effective ways to help you gain muscle mass:

But even before that, here’s a little bit of introduction of how I got into bodybuilding and what my personal struggle to gain muscle and mass looks like:

How I Bulked Up After Years of Struggling As a Skinny Guy?

As far back as I can remember, I had always been thin and skinny so much so that I was bullied not just at school but at home as well by my elder brother who was healthy and would often beat me up whenever we ended up having a fight.

Even though he loved me, there were times he would beat me up for trivial reasons, like most kids do.

Back in school, I was always got good grades but when it came to health, I was probably the worst scorer. No wonder, other healthy and overweight kids could easily bully me.

It kind of became a usual thing but I decided that I had enough in my freshman year.

That is when I joined a local gym.

As soon as I stepped in, I noticed those bulky guys and the first thought that came to my mind was that I just don’t stand a chance. However, the instructor was a nice guy who started teaching me how to lift weights with the right movement bit by bit.

While I was working out regularly at the time, I started eating a lot too.

Man, I would eat till I was close to the point of throwing up but somehow I managed to control it every time. By the end of the month, I weighed 2 or maybe 3 kilos more and that was the turning point for me.

I was hooked to working out and would hit the gym even on Sundays. It was much later that I realized the importance of having a rest day in between. But I guess, at a young age when your testosterone is running high working out even seven days in a week cannot hinder your progress.

By the end of the year I weighed around 10-12 kilos heavier, was in great shape and looked healthier, smarter and more handsome than ever. Those very same guys who use to bully me became my friends.

20 Years later, here I am trying to cut back on body fat. Even though I am not overweight by any standards, I would like to stay as lean as possible. I guess, with time and age priorities do change.

The only difference now and then is that now I know how to bulk up and how to cut down as well.

So, here are some easy and important steps to help you bulk up fast:

7 Easy Steps to Bulk Up:

#1 Try Old School Method

Bodybuilding has changed dramatically over the past few years and newer techniques such as CrossFit style or Supersets have become quite popular. However, in my opinion, as a skinny guy or as someone trying to gain muscle mass, you must try the old school technique of lifting where you perform every set of a single exercise before getting on to the next one with a rest-pause of 1-3 minutes in between.

Not just this, you need to go heavy as well. This, however, does not mean that you pay no attention to the form but what I mean to say is that lift as heavy as possible while maintaining your form. No of reps also count. If you are trying to bulk up, try to limit the number of reps to 6-8 so that you can lift heavier.


#2 Carb Up

I am sure when you think of gaining muscle you think of protein first. However, a common mistake that a lot of guys make is that completely neglect or avoid carbohydrate intake.

Even though protein is important, it is equally important to consume carbs too. There’s a simple reason behind it. When you have a lot of carbs, you increase the amount of glycogen in your muscle cells and this is what gives you more energy. More energy means more strength, giving you more power to lift heavier and harder. Thus, you would be able to lift heavier weights and that can make you inch closer to your goal of gaining muscle faster.

What carbs should you eat?

Here are the top 5 carbs that you should include in your diet:

  • potatoes
  • rice
  • oats
  • bread
  • pasta

Of all these five, oats are my favorite since they are known to be effective at enhancing testosterone too. Try to gorge on these you should be able to see the difference soon.


#3 Incorporate Slow Negatives Into Your Workout


The way you do your reps is also very important. You need to take to care of the tempo while lifting weight as well as while bringing it down.

A couple of studies have shown that the eccentric or negative part of the rep plays an important tole in muscle growth. For instance, while doing bicep curls, take a couple of second (2-3) while lowering the weight, pause for zero seconds and lift it up again taking not more than a second.

This provides major benefits:

  • First of all, its good for muscle growth
  • Secondly, it keeps your ego under check so that you don’t use weights that are too heavy.


#4 Limit Your Cardio

Rule #1 of gaining weight and muscle is to consume more calories than what you burn. Unless and until you are going to do so, you are not going to gain muscle.

Cardio workout makes you burn a lot of calories and it does the exact opposite of what you need while bulking.

This is why I recommend that you limit your workout to just one day a week when trying to bulk. Any more than this, you are inching away from your goal of gaining muscle and weight.


#5 Eat, Eat and Eat

If you want to bulk up fast, there’s only one approach that can work and that is to lift and eat….consistently.

This can be tricky for a lot of guys who are working and have to skip meals in between in order to meet the demands of their daily job. But there’s no way you can skip meals and rely upon small snacks if you really want to get huge and muscular.

Plan your day and try to fit in at least 3 big meals in your schedule so that you consume enough calories that can help you gain muscle. One single big meal a day is not going to be enough. If you want to be big, eat big!


#6 Try to Stick to 2x Per Week Rule

You might be wondering: what is the best workout routine for bulking up fast?

Even though full-body routines are great for bulking up, there are guys who have been getting impressive results with push/pull/legs split.

What you need to keep in mind is that when trying to bulk up fast, its always better to workout one body part at least two times a week. Anything less than that is going to make it hard for you to achieve your goal.

There’s a simple reason behind it and that is your muscle grows only when you work it out!


#7 Try a Bulking Stack

Last, but not the least, try to include good bulking supplements in your daily routine. For quick and good progress, you need to rely upon the trio mix of exercise, diet, and supplements. Each of these play a crucial role in maximizing your muscle growth. You miss out on any of these partially or wholly and you move away from your target of gaining muscle mass.

One of the most impressive products that I can recommend is the Bulking Stack from Crazy Bulk since it consists of 4 legal steroids (supplements that mimic steroids) without any of their negative side effects. With over 5,00,000 bottles sold Crazy Bulk is a popular brand that has been getting amazing user reviews.

This stack consists of safe and legal alternatives for Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone and Sustanon to help you get jacked quickly.

Some of the benefits could include:

  • fast muscle gains
  • quick and fast recovery
  • more strength and stamina
  • more power to lift heavier weights
  • joint support (since it increases collagen synthesis) etc.