The Spartacus Arms Workout

Tyrone Bell is the ‘Spartacus Trainer’ and has helped many actors to get into shape for film roles playing incredible warriors. Recently, he helped Liam McIntyre to add 20 pounds of muscle to his frame for the film ‘War of the Damned’. Here’s how he did it…

Tyrone had six weeks to get Liam into shape and during that time he was interested in one thing and one thing only: adding bulk. They knew that Liam would be going through a martial arts boot camp following that six week period, so all of his cutting and shredding would be taken care of. So the objective was simple: add muscle. They then entered back into this phase following the boot camp.

Making like more difficult way Liam’s busy schedule that had him coming and going with little warning. Tyrone’s response? 20 minute workouts that could help add huge muscle through short and highly intensive sessions.

Here is the arms workout that they used…

Superset 1:
EZ Bar Curl
Cable Triceps Extension

The arms sessions began with a devastating superset targeting the biceps and triceps together. A superset describes any two exercises performed back-to-back with no rest period in between. In this case, they were targeting the triceps and biceps which are complementary muscles.

EZ bar curls are simply bicep curls using an EZ bar. The EZ bar is a uniquely shaped barbell that puts the hands in a neutral grip position and engages the forearms more.

Superset 2:
Standing Cable Curl

Superset two is the perfect follow-up from the first set, targeting the same two muscles groups – the biceps and triceps – but in the reverse order. Remember: your triceps should be 2/3rds of your arm, so it’s important not to focus solely on the biceps when working the arms.

Skull crushers involve lying flat on a bench and lowering a barbell to your forehead by bending at the elbow and using your triceps. They’re called skull crushers because of what happens if you accidentally let go… Standing cable curls meanwhile are a great alternative to regular curls as they ensure that you have constant resistance all the way through the movement.

Superset 3:
Reverse Triceps Push Down
Seated Cable Curl

Superset three once again delivers a 1-2 punch to the biceps and triceps. This time you’re starting with the push down but using a reverse supinated grip. This is great for developing grip strength and truly burns on the triceps. The seated cable curl meanwhile makes your curl even more difficult by isolating the biceps and preventing any chance of momentum helping you through your reps.

Bench Dip

The bench dip is a great bodyweight finisher for the triceps. If you’re not finding this difficult enough, you could always try using one arm, or adding a weight plate.

Alternating Dumbbell Curl

Finally, finish on an alternating dumbbell curl to really isolate and target those biceps.

And there you have it – an arms workout that’s fit for a Spartan warrior and that’s bound to trigger serious hypertrophy!