Do You Want to Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise?

Pure Svetol Green Coffee from Evolution Slimming Can Help You Lose Weight Effortlessly With Zero Side Effects!


Svetol-Green-Coffee-Evolution-Slimming(1)Pure Svetol Green Coffee from Evolution Slimming:

  • is official Svetol branded Green Coffee extract recommended by Dr. OZ
  • contains 50% Chlorogenic acid
  • controls level of sugar in your body
  • curbs appetite
  • boosts fat burning
  • may help lose weight without diet or exercise
  • speeds up weight loss with diet and exercise
  • has no negative side effects
  • contains less than 2% caffeine & is Vegetarian friendly
  • has been getting excellent user reviews
  • comes with a money back guarantee


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What is Pure Svetol Green Coffee and How Does it Work?

Pure Svetol Green Coffee from Evolution Slimming is the official Svetol branded green coffee extract pill recommended by Dr. OZ that can help you lose weight quickly and effortlessly.

Green Coffee has been hailed as the Miracle Fat Burner by Dr. OZ. This seems to have made it an instant hit with people looking for a safe, effective and natural weight loss supplement. What makes green coffee stand apart from other weight loss supplements is that it can help you lose weight even without any changes in your diet or exercise routine.

Green Coffee is the non roasted form of normal coffee. It is different in taste, appearance and aroma from the normal coffee. It contains Chlorogenic acid which gives it its weight loss effects. It contains very little caffeine.

Chlorogenic acid:

  • helps boost metabolic rate so that body is able to burn fat more efficiently
  • reduces release of sugar into the bloodstream which prevents fat accumulation since it is excess sugar that gets stored as fat in the body
  • helps suppress appetite


Dr. Joe Vinson conducted a clinical study to find out the weight loss effects of green coffee extract. The results include the following:

  • green coffee extract helps the subjects lose 17.5 pounds on an average in 22 weeks
  • subjects were not allowed to change their diet or exercise routine during the trial period
  • this made him conclude that green coffee extract can help lose weight without any change in diet or lifestyle


An Asian study reveals that green coffee extract can help reduce body fat by 30%.

Svetol is the brand recommended by Dr. OZ on his show and it is now being sold online by Evolution Slimming, UK. Pure Svetol Green Coffee from Evolution Slimming comes with the right dose of green coffee bean extract and 50% chlorogenic acid to help you lose faster and better with least possible effort.


User Reviews:

Pure Svetol Green Coffee has been getting excellent user reviews. Some of such reviews are listed below:

Carole is one of the users who is happy with the results. This is what she says….

lost 4 pounds in the first week of using the product. very impressed as i do struggle to lose weight*


Amy Lee has been able to achieve great results with Pure Svetol Green Coffee. In her own words…

I have been looking for a Svetol Green Coffee since i saw Dr Oz recommended it. I have seen great results in my first few weeks and will definitely be reordering!*


Another user says that she has been able to lose half a stone in just 3 weeks. Here’s what she has to say….

I had been searching for a svetol brand green coffee for some time. I live locally to this company but had it delivered on this occasion, and it came promptly. After 3 weeks, I have lost nearly half a stone.*


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  • 100% genuine green coffee
  • recommended by Dr. OZ
  • curbs appetite
  • increases fat burning
  • helps regulate sugar levels in the body
  • may help lose weight without diet or exercise
  • increases weight loss when coupled with diet and exercise
  • reduces LDL cholesterol, increases energy
  • no known side effects
  • contains very little caffeine
  • does not give jitters
  • excellent user reviews
  • complete money back guarantee



Pure Svetol Green Coffee is one of the finest and genuine brands of green coffee pills that has been actually recommended by Dr. OZ. It is now available online through Evolution Slimming. It has been getting excellent user reviews and has no negative side effects. The only flip side I can think of is that you must consult your physician before having it if you have a medical condition. Pregnant and nursing mothers must also avoid it.


Price and Best Offers:

Though you can buy a single month supply for just $39, I would highly recommend that try it for at least 3-6 months to get the best results. Some of the best offers that come with great discounts include the following:


Best Selling Offer:

Pure Svetol Green Coffee and Detox Plus combo pack from Evolution Slimming is a massive hit among dieters. Detox Plus is a 100% natural and herbal cleansing formula that helps cleanse liver, intestines, colon etc, quickly and safely. It prevents bloating and constipation too.

Svetol-Green-Coffee-Cleanse-PackThis combo pack can help you get very quick weight loss results and help improve your overall health too. Some of the best offers on this combo pack include the following:


Pure Svetol Green Coffee and all the other combo packs listed above come with a complete money back guarantee for 30 days. This makes your purchase absolutely risk free!


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