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Five Exercises to Build Bigger Arms

What does it take to get bigger arms?   Well, according to Weight Gain Network (or Weight Gain Method.com), the answer is just five exercises. As is so often the case with this channel, this workout is focussing on mixing up the tempo and combining plyometric, isometric and very slow...


An Insane Arm Workout That Challenges You to Lift 16 Tons!

You know how every workout is ‘crazy’ and ‘insane’? And you know how you then read the workout and find that it’s just the usual stuff… you know bicep curls followed by some pull ups.   Crazy right!   Well, this workout really is crazy. It comes from the clearly...


7 Types of Barbell Curls for Bigger Arms

When it comes to training the biceps, there are few more useful items than the barbell. While we often reach for the dumbbells when looking to grow our guns, the barbell actually forces us to isolate more while at the same time giving us a surprising number of interesting variations...