Top Things That Are Much Easier When You’re Taller!

A lot of people wish they were just a little taller and that goes for both genders. Height has a ton of advantages and is great for self-esteem.


But even beyond the obvious benefits, there are lots of smaller pros that come from having just a little extra height on your contemporaries. Read on and we’ll take a look at some of the top advantages that make it worthwhile pursuing extra height if you can…



If you’re taller, that probably means your legs are longer. In turn, that means you’ll have a longer stride which will make you better at all kinds of sports. Running fast for instance is much easier when you’re able to cover more distance with each step and that’s why most sprinters are very tall.


People who are taller can also jump further and higher (great for basketball) and they even have a longer ‘reach’ when it comes to boxing and martial arts. Even things like javelin are slightly easier if you’re taller, as you have more distance over which to accelerate the projectile. Sure, there are some sports that favour a shorter frame… but the vast majority are easier for tall people.


Reaching Things

This is a pretty small advantage as things go, in that it isn’t going to transform your life. Nevertheless though, when it comes to getting something down from a top shelf, those few extra inches can be hugely beneficial. And it’s embarrassing having to reach for a step ladder…



Simply put, most of us find height to be attractive – regardless of gender. Tall men look far more powerful, masculine and imposing and women feel that they will be better able to ‘protect them’. Tall women meanwhile have long legs and a confident stance that is highly attractive to men. Again, there are exceptions to these rules and we all have our own opinions… but on the whole height is an asset.



How does height benefit your career if you’re not a basketball player? Well that bit isn’t completely certain but what we do know is that it does. Studies show that the taller you are, the higher your salary is likely to be… and the higher people will estimate your salary to be. These two points are likely to be connected – height alters the perception that others have of you, which in turn affects the way they perceive your performance and capability and ultimately the trajectory of your career and salary…



For all the above reasons, a bit of height can drastically improve your confidence. Combine this with the fact that you’ll be literally looking down on people when you’re taller – and that you’ll be far more physically imposing – and height can do wonders for the way you feel about yourself.


If you feel as though you could benefit from an increase in your self-esteem, then a little extra height may just be what you need!


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