Winstrol vs Anavar – A Comparison

If you are interested in building muscle and losing fat but you don’t want to increase oestrogen at the same time and thereby risk water retention and gynecomastia, you will need a steroid that is highly anabolic but not so androgenic.

Sound like gobbledygook?

‘Anabolic’ means that a steroid increases muscle mass and burns fat. The body is naturally anabolic when you sleep for instance and is more anabolic following workouts.

‘Androgenic’ meanwhile means that a steroid binds to the androgen receptors and thereby increases testosterone. Increased testosterone also means increased oestrogen however, as testosterone is metabolized by the body into other sex hormones.

Something like Anavar or Winstrol will be anabolic and increase muscle mass but not as androgenic. And the reason for this is that they don’t bind to the androgen receptors and instead increase DHT – DHT being a more advanced form of testosterone and one of the anabolic hormones that testosterone is converted into. What you really need to know is that DHT is a) highly potent and b) unable to be converted into oestrogen.

But which is better?

Anavar vs Winstrol – Let the Showdown Begin!

Both Anavar and Winstrol work in very similar manners then and this means that you might have a hard time picking between them.

So what is the key difference? While the two exert their effects in slightly different manners, its actually not so important to focus on that. All that really matters is one simple factor: Winstrol is more potent than Anavar. This in turn means that Winstrol delivers more profound benefits in the gym but also takes much more of a toll on the body.

If you use Anavar in a very low dosage (around 20mg), it’s actually possible to largely avoid the damaging effects that most steroids have on your natural testosterone production. It’s still recommended to use a post cycle therapy stack but overall, you should be relatively safe. Likewise, it’s relatively easy on the liver. You can use Anavar at high doses to see slightly more noticeable (though still subtle effects) though this also raises the risk of side effects.

Conversely, Winstrol is much stronger and even at lower doses will result in more muscle growth and energy. In fact, Winstrol’s effect on DHT is enough to also raise the red blood cell count which increases energy in the gym as well as fat burning and protein synthesis.

However, you’re also putting your health at greater risk in doing this and will need a much more careful and elaborate PCT. The one ‘plus’ that Winstrol has going for it in terms of safety over Anavar, is that it can be taken via injection.


For the greatest effects but also the greatest risks, you can of course choose to stack Anavar with Winstrol and use them both together.

However, this is very dangerous and probably misguided. Better is to use the similar but completely safe alternative: Anvarol from Crazy Bulk. This will naturally increase your body’s own production of testosterone for more muscle growth and fat loss minus the damaging health risks.

Anvarol is 100% legal and you do not need a prescription to order it. Users have been reporting excellent results with it.

It’s great for a cutting cycle and can be combined with other legal steroids for faster cutting results. It can be used by both men and women without any side effects.

Cutting Stack is hugely popular and consists of Anvarol, Winsol (Winstrol), Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol) and Testo Max (Testosterone Booster).  This stack can help you get ripped and shredded muscles in just an 8 week cycle. If you are planning to hit the beach, this is the stack that you need.