Zinc and Semen – How to Ejaculate More with Zinc

Zinc is one mineral that is crucial for semen production in your body. As a matter of fact, it’s apt to say that zinc and semen production go hand in hand. Lack of zinc in your body is likely to have a negative impact on your semen volume. It happens to be one mineral that’s vital for your sexual and reproductive health. Lack of zinc can also lower your libido or sexual appetite. Not just this, it also plays an important role in the production of testosterone in your body which happens to be the primary male sex hormone.

Testosterone is the hormone that gives you your manly traits and features. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to even think of men without this hormone. Your strength, muscle mass, agility, aggressive behavior etc. are all attributed to this hormone. It goes with saying that testosterone also governs your erectile function and semen production. I am sure you are aware of the fact that oysters are great aphrodisiacs.

What makes them a great love food?

You guessed it right. They are rich in zinc which makes them an excellent testosterone booster and a love enhancer!

Zinc Rich Foods

Since zinc is great for semen volume and testosterone production in your body, it’s best to include zinc rich foods in your diet. Some of the best dietary sources of zinc include the following:

  • bananas
  • sunflower seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • chicken
  • cashews
  • grass fed beef
  • kefir or yogurt
  • lamb
  • mushrooms
  • spinach etc.

Zinc not only helps enhance semen volume but is also known to increase your sperm count. Thus, it can be a big help in enhancing male fertility. Yet another benefit is that it can help improve sperm health too. Under a clinical trial, sub-fertile are known to have experienced an increase in their sperm count when given zinc and folic acid supplements.

What Else?

While zinc rich foods are great for enhancing semen, here are some other ways to boost your semen volume:

  • drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated
  • take enough rest
  • ensure that get adequate sleep – lack of sleep can lower your testosterone levels resulting in a drop in your semen and sperm count
  • exercise regularly so that your testicles get flushed with nutrient rich blood
  • abstain from sex (for 2-3 days in between two sessions)

Role of Natural Semen Supplements

Apart from the above, you can also try some natural semen enhancement pills. Such pills have come a long way and some of the most effective brands are now backed by doctor endorsements. Not just this, they are made with clinically proven ingredients and ensure overall sexual enhancement including rock solid erections and longer staying power.

Volume Pills are one of the best semen pills that consists of ingredients like zinc oxide, l-arginine, ku gua, fucus vesiculosus, San guo mu, ling zhi, dong chong xia cao etc. Some of these Chines herbs have been used since time immemorial to boost sexual and reproductive health in men.

These pills act as complete sex enhancers for men and can help you enhance your semen production by as much as 5 times in just a matter of months. The beauty of these pills is that they do not have any negative or harmful side effects. Apart from increasing your semen volume, they can help you get instant and rock solid erections too. Not just this, they can do wonders for your libido too. You can check out my complete and unbiased Volume Pills Review by clicking here